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After years of working construction and general overuse, my husband's back pain was severe, rating at 9 - 10 out of ten most days.  He began searching for options to help alleviate some of the discomfort.  After the conventional approach of orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists seemed to leave him in pain, he was only more frustrated.  We learned of spinal decompression online and he became very curious and wanted to learn more about this therapy.  As a registered nurse, I was very skeptical of this procedure when he decided to give it a try.  We met with the doctor, treatment was discussed, and therapy began.  After two visits he was feeling better, walking without a limp, and the wincing had almost disappeared.  He now lives virtually pain free.  I was once told, "Try all you can prior to a surgical procedure".  I am so grateful he tried.  This non-evasive procedure worked, I am a believer.

Joy M.

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